About Conference

International Conference on Islamic Universities and their Contemporary Challenges

Dated: 21-22 October 2023 Saturday - Sunday

The International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) solicits scholarly participations in the international conference scheduled on 06-07 Rabi al-Aakhar 1445 AH / 21-22 October 2023 under the aegis of the League of Islamic Universities.

In line with its legacy of higher academic and scientific pursuit and commitment to hold scientific conferences and seminars, and to foster global exchange of scientific ideas and cutting-edge research vision under its banner while achieving university’s mission of serving the society and the Ummah at large, the International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) plans to take stock of the contemporary challenges faced globally by the Islamic Universities while addressing ways to tackle them in requisite perspectives. The Conference in a plethora of themes would deliberate on role of Islamic Universities worldwide in service to human societies and prospects of its maximization and furtherance in terms of employability and job-markets.

A number of academicians, scholars, researchers, intellectuals and media professionals besides other stake-holders from Bangladesh and foreign countries will be converging in the campus of IIUC in order to highlight the message of Islamic universities and their pioneering role in corroborating the values of citizenship and moderation among university graduates while keeping pace with the challenges of digital transformation and artificial intelligence at the university level.

Conference objectives:

  • 1. To deconstruct paramount contemporary challenges faced by Universities and propose methods of tackling them.
  • 2. To signify usage of modern technologies in developing Islamic Universities.
  • 3. To devise market-oriented programs in Islamic Universities.
  • 4. To consolidate values of citizenship and moderation among the graduates of Islamic universities.
  • 5. To keep abreast of the challenges of digital transformation and artificial intelligence in universities.

Conference themes:
  • 1. Faculty, nomenclature and specializations in light of contemporary reality and needs of job-market.
  • 2. Pedagogical challenges: curricula and teaching methods.
  • 3. Induction of modern technologies for developing university education.
  • 4. Digital education through websites: checks and balances.
  • 5. University Administration and Contemporary Quality-Control: Successful paradigms of modern educational operations.
  • 6. The economic development of Islamic universities: endowment and partnerships as a model.
  • 7. The role of universities in consolidating the values of citizenship and moderation.
  • 8. Islamic universities and the challenges of international ranking.

Guidelines for papers:
  • 1. The paper should fall within the ambit of conference themes, and must not have been presented in previous conferences, seminars, etc.
  • 2. It should observe the established norms of academic research.
  • 3. The length of the research paper should not exceed twenty-five pages, including notes and references, and not be less than ten pages.
  • 4. The researcher shall attach a short résumé (within one page).
  • 5. The paper should be computer-typed, in MS Word program, Traditional Arabic font 14, line space 1.5
  • 6. The first page should contain title of the research, name of the researcher, designation, the institutional affiliation, e-mail, followed by abstract of paper in the second page in Arabic and English.
  • 7. Paper would be considered for approval only if written in Arabic or English.
  • 8. All submissions are to be made exclusively to the e-mail: dmnhnadwi@iiuc.ac.bd/dg.crp@iiuc.ac.bd

  • a. The university will print the conference papers in a special volume or publish it in one of the issues of its peer-reviewed scientific journal "University Studies" after full observance of academic norms.
  • b. The University shall offer local hospitality and internal transportation to the participants throughout the days of the conference and will not bear the costs of travel from abroad.

  • 1. Abstract may be submitted latest by August 16, 2023, and the decision will be intimated by August 30, 2023.
  • 2. Complete paper may be submitted latest by September 30, 2023, and the decision will be intimated by October 10, 2023.
  • 3. The dates of the conference are: 21-22 October 2023.